Tech Tuesday – Adjusting Your E-Commerce Business

Hey entrepreneurs, it’s Tech Tuesday!

During these uncertain times, if you have an ecommerce business, this is a great time to super serve your customers.

Show your customers how important they are to you by pivoting your content model to meet these unanticipated new needs. Your customers are spending more time at home, which means they are not taking unnecessary trips to retailers to purchase your or your competitors products. So let’s dive In!

First, make sure your ecommerce platform (such as Shopify) is set up to meet these needs.

  1. If you do not frequently review your performance reports, this is a great time to get started and set your benchmarks.
  2. If you do not have Google Analytics / ecommerce set up

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    , this is also important to handle first.

Look for the following when reading your reports:

  1. How do your customers interact with your store?
  2. What patterns can you identify in the customer journey?

Isolate the top products sold, month over month.
Are there products frequently purchased together? – OK put in pin in that. We will come back to it.

Next – after reviewing your metrics, determine what automations and triggers you should put in place to increase revenue and personalized interactions with customers.

  1. Email automations are key. Set up time based and behavior based triggers to send personalized emails to your customers. These can anticipate when customers are low on your product and when they should re-order. Use the information from your reports (AH HA! Remember those?) for your initial setup.
  2. Text automations are also great because, let’s face it users see and respond to text messages much faster than email.
  3. Remember those reports that informed us on products frequently purchased together? Use them to create recurring billing and subscriptions. There you go! You can install apps to recommend combinations based on customers purchase history , then encourage them to sign up for a subscription. This will provide customers convenient options to purchase without running out of your products or forgetting to order.

Where does content come into play? Consider interesting ways you can help your customers or solve a problem for them during these times.

  1. For example, if you sell beauty products, resurface content that demonstrates best ways to use your product. Also consider creative NEW ways your customers can use your products. People are staying at home more, not going to salons, getting their makeup done, or getting mani /pedis – but they still would like to look nice. Use video, blogs or infographics to show them how and drive to a sale. People have more time on their hands to experiment and be creative.
  2. Own an online clothing boutique? So this is a bit challenging because again

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    , no one is really going anywhere to show off your marvelous fashions. This is an opportunity to get creative with your content and your marketing approach. If your audience is the working woman, well you better super serve her on blouses and accessories so she can be video conference READY! Do you have cute athleisure clothes or loungewear? This is your time to shine! Again, customers still want to look nice at home or at their gatherings of 10 or less 🙂

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Remember, the more you know and understand about your customers and your audience, the more successful your business will be!

Use Data and Insights to Spike Sales Growth

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How to Influence People

We have all seen it; the “testimonial” photos from reality starts on Instagram about skinny teas, waist trainers and teeth whitening. We roll our eyes and scroll past the image, but one cannot help but wonder: “How much did that person get paid to post that?” Yes

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, there’s money to be made, perks and VIP swag for brand influencers; but, before you start buying followers and likes trying to get your social weight up, check out what a job description for the role of endorser might look like.